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1613766   28mm Carb, Intake manifold & Filter kit
M1413417   Air intake filter -MALOSSI Red Sponge
DR1   Aprilia SR50 ECU derestriction service
key   Aprilia" blank key with transponder 04-13 SR50 Factory
33510ENA   Arrow Extreme Aluminum for 2002-2007 SR50
33515ENA   Arrow Extreme Aluminum for 2009-2014 SR50
33509EK   Arrow Extreme Carbon for 2002-2007 SR50
33515EK   Arrow Extreme Carbon for 2009-2014 SR50
33509EN   Arrow Extreme Dark for 2002-2007 SR50
33515EN   Arrow Extreme Dark for 2009-2014 SR50
33509ENB   Arrow Extreme White for 2002-2007 SR50
33515ENB   Arrow Extreme White for 2009-2014 SR50
33640SE   Arrow Street Aluminum for 2002-2007 SR50
33644SE   Arrow Street Aluminum for 2009-2014 SR50
33640SEN   Arrow Street Black for 2002-2007 SR50
33644SEN   Arrow Street Black for 2009-2014 SR50
33640SEB   Arrow Street White for 2002-2007 SR50
33644SEB   Arrow Street White for 2009-2014 SR50
SC422005   Bearing & oil seal set for Morini Crankshaft
529451   Clutch -MALOSSI Delta- Morini 50cc =107mm
527880   Clutch -MALOSSI Delta- Piaggio 50cc =107mm
7711207   Clutch bell -MALOSSI Wingbell- Piaggio 50cc
R25256   Clutch nut -M28x1- wrench size 34mm Morini and Piaggio
297393   Clutch springs (Yellow) -MALOSSI OEM Piaggio Clutch =105-107mm
298747   Clutch springs -MALOSSI Delta MHR- for Malossi Delta =105-107mm
298746   Clutch springs -MALOSSI Delta- for Malossi Delta =105-107mm
297454   Clutch springs -MALOSSI OEM Piaggio Clutch =105-107mm
297045Y   Contrast spring -MALOSSI Racing- Morini 50cc
297046R   Contrast spring -MALOSSI Racing- Morini 50cc
297047W   Contrast spring -MALOSSI Racing- Morini 50cc
M298325A   Contrast spring 106%-MALOSSI Racing- Piaggio 50cc
298323G   Contrast spring 60%-MALOSSI Racing- Piaggio 50cc
298324V   Contrast spring 82%-MALOSSI Racing- Piaggio 50cc
8360.WO   Contrast spring White MALOSSI Racing- Piaggio 50cc
M5512167   Control device -MALOSSI 70cc Sport- Aprilia DiTech LC (Morini)
DFC-1   Cranking motor will not operate diagnostic flow chart.
5312582   Crankshaft -MALOSSI MHR- Aprilia DiTech
5312331   Crankshaft -MALOSSI MHR- Piaggio PureJet 50cc
5214110   DELTA Clutch / WING Clutch BELL KIT (PIAGGIO)
DDCR   Digital Dash code recovery service
5512894   Digitronic
193298E   Exhaust Stud MALOSSI, 2 M6x18
6215008   Front Brake Pads MHR Synthetic "Malossi"
FPR   Fuel pump repair service
6212603   Galfer brake disc Front or Rear "MHR" MALOSSI
10010   Gasket intake manifold - Morini
1112038C   Gasket set cylinder -MALOSSI 70cc- Morini 50cc LC (type Di-Tech)
M1112089   Gasket set cylinder -MALOSSI 70cc- Piaggio 50cc LC (type Di-Tech)
M6711297   Gear box primary drive -MALOSSI- Morini 50cc AC & LC (since 1999) - 15/40 = 2.67:1
M679080   Gear box primary drive -MALOSSI- Piaggio 50cc (since 1999) - 14/39 = 2.79:1
ELDB   HGT Black IllumiDash
ELDW   HGT White IllumiDash
5512077   INJ CONTROL electr. contr. CYL. I-TECH
3112043   Malossi 70cc Big Block Kit (Morini)
M3112044   Malossi 70cc Big Block Kit (Piaggio LC Pure Jet)
3113042   Malossi 86cc MHR Big Bore Piaggio
6614105E   Malossi Bearing & oil seal set for Piaggio Crankshaft
3214762   Malossi High Performance Expansion Chamber Team II / 70cc Piaggio
3215198   Malossi High Performance Expansion Chamber Team II Big Bore / 86cc Piaggio
3113042.T0   Malossi MHR Team 86cc Piaggio
0411451   Malossi RED Filter for all SR50 DiTech's
CDP   Maximum Piaggio Derestriction Package / 64% performance increase
6115781   MHR Aluminum Overrange
MHR-C1C   MHR C1 Piaggio case
6614105EA   MHR Crankshaft Bearings
5214738   MHR Delta Clutch system
5316029   MHR Team Crankshaft
2514603   MHR Team Roller Crankcase
2713719.C0   MHR VL16 Oversize reed block
3711163   Multivar 2000 replacement slides (3)
HGTR2 Gen III   NEW! Billet Silver Gen III Adjustable High Gain Tuning Regulator
HGTR3 Gen III   NEW! Stealth Black Gen III Adjustable High Gain Tuning Regulator
5514690   NEW!! MHR Inner Rotor Ignition
890622   OEM Aprilia SR50 Digital Dash
6615256   Piaggio Crankshaft oil seal set
182604R   Piaggio oil pump
347036-A   Piston -MALOSSI- (12mm), Morini / Piaggio 70cc - 47,0mm
3512750   PISTON RING 50x0,8 rectangular
354501   Piston rings -MALOSSI- Aprilia DiTech Morini / Piaggio 70cc - 47,0mm
6113101   Pulley unit -MALOSSI Torque Drive MHR- Piaggio 50cc
7613467   RBX RACING Brake FLUID (DOT 4+)
6215019   Rear Brake Pads MHR Synthetic "Malossi"
M279490   Reed valve -MALOSSI MHR 45- Piaggio 50cc VL13
2711817   Reed valve -MALOSSI MHR VL14 Aprilia 50cc Morini - carbon fiber
M277731   Reed valve MALOSSI MHR-Replica VL12 Aprilia 50cc Morini - carbon fiber
669999   Rollers -Malossi For Morini 17X12
66-9420   Rollers -Malossi For Piaggio 19X15.5
4613055   Shock absorber rear Malossi RS24 for Piaggio
4614223   Shock absorber rear Malossi RS24/10 for Piaggio
M2512827   Torsion Control -MALOSSI- Morini 50cc
M2512828   Torsion Control -MALOSSI- Piaggio 50cc
M6111295   V-Belt -MALOSSI Special (785x18,5mm) Morini
M619831   V-Belt -MALOSSI Special (820x18,5mm) Piaggio
6112730   V-Belt -MALOSSI Special Minarelli
M5112645   Variator-Kit -MALOSSI MHR Team Racing - Piaggio 50cc
M5111561   Variator-Kit -MALOSSI Multivar 2000- Morini Ditech
M519019   Variator-Kit -MALOSSI Multivar 2000- Piaggio 50cc (since 1999) with 19x15,5mm roller
278118   VL12 Reed Petals / 3 pair / .30mm, .35mm, .40mm

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