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Dyno Proven Results

High Gain Tuning has added to their arsenal of test equipment the First DynoJet SD12 Scooter Dyno to be delivered in the US. Being Scooter Specific this will give us extremely accurate measurements to the fraction of a horse power.

*A “run” may include multiple diagnostic trips for a full evaluation. For example, “Single Run” gives you one optimum printout established after multiple try’s. A “Triple Run” can establish a gradient of performance. After each diagnostic trip we can recommend changes to improve your performance.
See HGT in the following magazines and DynoJet 2012 Catalog
High Gain Tuning can build and tune your Piaggio, Morini or Minarelli engine without your scooter or Quad being present. We have devoloped our own engine fixture so we can monitor every perimeter available while Dyno testing.
With our exclusive gear drive system we eliminate the transmission and find exactly where your peak horse power is being produced then dial it in to that exact RPM.
If you do not know exactly where your peak horse power is you could be wasting Hundreds of dollars in engine work by under revving or worse over revving your engine. Look at how fast power falls off in this 17HP engine by just overrevving a few hundred RPM.